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         *** SR1BSZ-8 *** QTH: Szczecin, JO73GK, Poland *
          Sysop: Janusz HF1L (ex.SP1LOP) Member of DXCC
      This BBS has been working since Aug 1996 (ex.SP1KKO-8)
       Welcome  - GUEST, this: 08.12.2023, time: 19:52:52z

-- GB ----------------------------------------------------------------
This  is  restricted  guest login  with  read only permissions. To get
a login with write permission write a mail to sysop with your callsign
and your desired password (max. 8 characters).
-- PL ----------------------------------------------------------------
Jestes zalogowany jako  "gosc"  z ograniczeniami, masz mozliwosc tylko
czytanie maili.   Aby dostac uprawnienia napisz mail do sysopa i podaj
swoj znak oraz zaproponuj swoje haslo (max. 8 znakow).
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